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  • I Ordered some flowers from wpg to a dear friend in Oakville. I was so impressed with the customer service on the phone and my friend sent me a picture of the arrangement , stunning and they didn’t have much of a budget to work with , very impressive. Thankyou ????????

    Kim 2020.06.20

  • Arnett and Andre were very polite and courteous when they delivered the upright freezer.They were very professional.Well Done!

    MB 2019.07.05

  • Very rude reception! Phone and in person. Someone should tell this lady with the line of business she is in she should try being more companionate and focused on the patients. She always seems put out!

    Private 2019.06.07

  • I called twice today but no one answered nor could I leave a message. I have dressers, maple table, etc to donate. I leave town this Thursday morning. Lou Crockett said to donate to you so I told him I'd tried.

    Madeline 2019.05.28

  • We know your busy but, my daughter living in Mississauga tried to send me an orchid but it took two days for you to answer the phone and then they didn't get back to her....I was hoping she would start ordering from you all the time, but she is disappointed in your response...

    joy gibson 2019.05.12

  • Went to call to see if they had any open lanes to book and they were very rude and sassy

    Anonymous 2019.04.13

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