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  • We know your busy but, my daughter living in Mississauga tried to send me an orchid but it took two days for you to answer the phone and then they didn't get back to her....I was hoping she would start ordering from you all the time, but she is disappointed in your response...

    joy gibson 2019.05.12

  • Went to call to see if they had any open lanes to book and they were very rude and sassy

    Anonymous 2019.04.13

  • The women's health physiotherapist is amazing. The staff, however, is not. I drove 40 minutes after getting care arranged for my two children, to be told that the appointment I booked last Wednesday for today, isn't in the system. The receptionist said "i would have remembered if i'd booked it" and "i can't help you, someone else is booked now" and "I can give you a time tomorrow". When I told her I dont have care tomorrow and I live in a completely different town and drove in just for this appointment, she said "well that's what I can do for you"- no mention of any other times, no APOLOGY, nothing.

    Cassandra 2019.04.08

  • A hidden gem just off of Hwy 5, Kelwood’s Cafe 37 made us feel right at home with its charmingly old-fashioned atmosphere and delicious home cooking. The burgers, home fries—made fresh and uniquely seasoned, homemade chicken noodle soup and refreshing sweet tea were all a hit (and complete with friendly service!). There was also an assortment of baked goods and gifts for purchase on the way out. I would visit this restaurant again in a heartbeat.

    Cassandra 2018.07.22

  • Hi; We used Morley Annear to deliver a very heavy adjustable bed base and mattress for us from Ontario to PEI. Their price was very reasonable, their service efficient, and friendly. They were easy to contact (even provided us with their cell numbers). Five Star from me!

    Lorraine Lund 2018.07.15

  • I would give this guy a big fat ZERO For being dishonest ,a liar and a cheat . Hope you feel good about yourself for taking people’s money when you know you were completely being dishonest and I hope your business tanks..

    Brian 2018.06.26

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